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Thursday, 13 June 2024

Profit Consultancy & Equipment Company brings about a new breath in the market of machinetools and equipment!

Becomes a Hallmark in the market of machinetools and equipment, offering the most credible, qualitative and up-to-date solutions against a realistic cost.

How does this happens? Simply by following the straight line Customer --- Producer.

PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment does not burden its customer with commercial costs. Its income stems directly from the producer, not from the customer. Provides all the necessary consultancy and technical support to its customers without any --further--charge.
Cooperates with the biggest and trust worthiest manufacturing houses in the World (Doosan Infracore, KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen, ONA, Matsuura, MAG Industrial Automation Systems, Colchester Harrison, Hardinge Bridgeport, Goratu,  etc) while it provides spare parts to all allianced houses in Greece and Cyprus.

The Company was formed by experienced members, providing services of high added value against a low cost. Thanks to their specialized know-how and  vast market knowledge, they can suggest the most suitable solutions to meet each customer's true needs. On the ground of this philosophy, the Company emphasizes the quick and quality service on every aspect, offering in the same time a full support all over Greece, Cyprus and the neighbouring Balkan countries.

For the technical support, the company  disposes of the most capable and experienced engineers in the market. For the  production improvement logistics the company gets support from the Maintenance Technologies of the MAG Industrial Automation Systems Group. Last but not least,  for the protection of the electronic installations against  electrical surges, the company designs and delivers the well known Pro-Fi Sets.

Above all, PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment creates the prerequisites to offering what promised to every customer:

To win in all aspects!